About Us

World Wide Freedom Rally was founded in 2021 in response to the massive coordinated infringements on Human Rights that occurred during the Coronavirus Pandemic.

We watched as our establishment institutions of government, media, and culture all fell into lockstep to promote the harsh suppression of movement with lockdowns, and bodily autonomy with mask mandates and vaccine mandates.

We were not convinced that the narrative around the pandemic was as apocalyptical as it was made out to be, and that better solutions existed.

We suffered under harsh shutdowns and business closures which applied an excessive containment strategy for a virus we knew to only be dangerous for a small minority of the most vulnerable members of society. 

We watched as doctors that strayed from the talking points of the World Health Organization stance were censored and attacked relentlessly.

We watched as Vaccine mandates were pushed upon the population, enforced with vaccine passports, applying a one-size fits all model of Healthcare, and excluding all possible alternative treatments, even though the vaccines proved to be largely unnecessary for most people when compared with natural immunity, and that all discussion of vaccine side effects was censored, as people collapsed in public from adverse reactions.

We watched as police enforcement against normal people become brutal for simple acts of dissent.

We decided that we would not stand by any longer, and that something had to be done to put a stop to the mass formation psychosis of the World's population.

The World Wide Freedom Rally Team, (also known as World Wide Demonstration) joined together under a single banner, one day - everyone together, on March 20th 2021.

Since 2021, our global event: The World Wide Rally for Freedom has brought millions of people to the streets in defense of their fundamental Human Rights, and has  established itself as the bedrock event of a community broadly known as The Freedom Movement. 

We base the core of our Movement on our Support for Five Important Freedoms:

  • Freedom of Speech
  • Freedom of Movement
  • Freedom of Assembly
  • Freedom of Health
  • Freedom of Choice.

Our Movement spans over 150 cities, and 40 countries with a city-level decentralized implementation strategy. 

People from all walks of life join together as one every two months in demonstrations in their local cities with the coordination of our independent team of organizers. 

We recognise that what was perpetrated during the Pandemic was one component of an overall larger Agenda known as the Great Reset, intended to move society away from a model of free-market democracy, to a model of globally managed totalitarianism with a significant reduction in human rights, and living standards.

To this end: we support national sovereignty, Individual and Economic Freedom, and Democratic Governance that is accountable to the voting electorate, and not interfered with by unaccountable, unelected international lobbying bodies, Non-Governmental Organizations, and Multinational Corporate interests.

While we have a multitude of different favoured strategies, solutions and pathways to archiving our ideals, we broadly support the Rights of the Individual over the Powers of States and Corporations.

If our vision resonates with you, we hope that you will one day join our movement and our community of Pro-Freedom activists to support our fundamental Human Rights, so that we can ensure that what happened in 2020 can never happen again, and that we create a more prosperous and Free World for our children who follow in our footsteps.